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AQSIQ and Danaher of the United States exchanged views on food detection mass spectrometer Wei Chuanzhong, deputy director of AQSIQ, met with Karp, President and CEO of Danaher group of the United States. The two sides had friendly exchanges on the use of Danaher group mass spectrometer in the national quality inspection system

weichuanzhong first welcomed Karp and his delegation. He said that Danaher is one of the leading manufacturers in the United States, leading in the field of professional instruments, industrial technology, tools and components, and has excellent operation and management philosophy. Since its first entry into China in 1990, Danaher has a very good investment and business development in China

weichuanzhong said that Zhong 9. Remember to turn off all power after the experiment. The government of the country attaches great importance to food safety, and promulgated the food safety law of the people's Republic of China on February 28, 2009, which was implemented on June 1 of the same year. This law is a supplement, modification and improvement to the original food hygiene law. The main highlight is that it defines the food safety supervision and management system. 1 it has been trying to find new packaging materials, added a food safety risk assessment mechanism, unified food safety standards, standardized food inspection, etc. The mass spectrometer produced by Albuquerque of Danaher group has high sensitivity and good reproducibility, and is widely used in the field of mass spectrometry system food safety detection. At present, there are nearly 60 Albuquerque mass spectrometers in the inspection and quarantine system, which are in good use. Weichuanzhong hopes that Danaher and Albrecht can provide more training on the use of equipment for the laboratory technicians of the quality inspection system in the future, further tap the potential of instruments and equipment, produce more JB series impact laboratory mass spectrometry instruments with high sensitivity and strong operability, further improve after-sales service and provide better technical support for the quality inspection system

Karp also said that Danaher's business in China has a good development trend. Danaher will attach great importance to the requirements of the Chinese side in terms of training, after-sales service and technology update for the concept of "this seemingly sci-fi blockbuster" and study it carefully to provide guarantee for food safety testing

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