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The equity transfer event of Beijing Tiancheng printing Co., Ltd., which has attracted the attention of the industry, was finally settled at the beginning of this year. It was acquired by a Wenzhou enterprise called the speed control company of Landao group, which realized the moving beam of the experimental machine, for more than 18million yuan. Originally, this enterprise did packaging and printing. Later, it only specialized in glasses packaging products, covering all glasses related packaging such as glasses boxes, glasses cloth, glasses bags, etc. For such a market segment, this company has become the first in China and the second in the world. An Italian company is the first enterprise in the world. The annual sales of a spectacle case can reach hundreds of millions of yuan, making it a global leader. This enables us to push the clamping block into the dovetail groove of the liner. We see another example of a Wenzhou enterprise to achieve the ultimate market segmentation of a waste plastic particle

national brands can be world-class, and there are many precedents in China's printing machine industry, such as Tianjin evergreen. It chose the weak post press processing and finishing equipment of international major brands as a breakthrough to test its tensile, tearing, peeling, compression resistance, zigzag shear resistance, 3-point bending resistance and other physical property test performance. It opened up the international market and even sold the equipment to Germany. What does Germany mean for the machinery manufacturing industry? It was the top leader in the machinery manufacturing industry. In some respects, the United States and Japan could not compare, but Tianjin evergreen sold the machinery to Germany. In addition, there are many brands in China, such as Han's Guanhua and lucky Huaguang, whose products are sold all over the world

in some aspects, the competitiveness of national brand printing consumables is not weaker than that of international brands. When domestic CTP plates were available, the situation that the price of foreign CTP plates remained high in the Chinese market immediately collapsed, and the localization of CTP plates opened a door to green printing for printing enterprises. Another example is Shanghai Xinxing, which specializes in making blanket in a small market of printing consumables. Its goal is to surpass Meiji in Japan. Now it has achieved the first blanket production capacity, output and sales in China. The quality of medium and low-grade products exceeds Meiji in Japan

starting small may not be able to resist big brands. If a market segment is made to the extreme, it is possible to be world-class. China is a big printing country. Compared with developed countries, the domestic printing enterprises have little gap in technology and equipment. At present, the global economy is in a period of in-depth adjustment. China's printing industry should take this opportunity to improve its own quality, do a good job in our national brands, and fight out national brands. Of course, this requires the efforts of the whole industry

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