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The State Post Office: the delay and rough sorting of express delivery should be dealt with seriously

after CCTV 315 exposed the widespread problems of SF, Yuantong, Yunda and other express companies. 8. Their fasteners should be locked regularly: violent sorting and other problems, the State Post Office issued the notice on strengthening the supervision of Express Service (hereinafter referred to as the notice) yesterday to further strictly order express enterprises to seriously deal with the delay and rough sorting of express delivery, It should be dealt with seriously according to law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users

the notice requires that local postal administrations further strengthen the supervision of service quality, strengthen the supervision of express service quality in combination with the "special rectification of express service", seriously deal with acts that harm the interests of consumers, and effectively improve the service quality and level of the industry. At the same time, local postal administration departments are required to guide enterprises under their jurisdiction to improve the means and ability to solve service quality problems through the application of advanced technology, and to improve the level of industrial production automation and modernization, so that standardized services rely more on scientific and technological progress, the improvement of workers' quality and the innovation of management system

the notice also requires that local postal administration departments should strengthen supervision over enterprises to strictly fulfill their service commitments, unblock complaint channels, and timely and properly solve users' complaints. Local postal administrations should give full play to the role of 12305 appeal center, and seriously deal with hot spots such as express delivery delay, difficult compensation, rough sorting and excessive loss, which are strongly reflected by the society, in accordance with the law, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users

according to the latest statistical data released by the State Post Office, due to the influence of the Spring Festival holiday and the base effect of last year, the express business volume in February completed 350million pieces, an increase of only 0.9% year-on-year according to the requirements of some specifications; The business income reached 6.26 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 11.3%

however, the rapid growth of express business is difficult to ensure the synchronous development of services. The express market management measures, which came into force on March 1 this year, has standardized the rough sorting and other current situations of the express industry, so that there are laws to follow. However, the local media, including this newspaper, found that the relevant provisions of the express market management measures were still a dead letter when supervising express companies

some insiders pointed out that at present, the relevant laws and regulations and specifications of China's express industry are relatively comprehensive. Due to the fixed connection mode, how to implement the soft rib and whether to implement the compact bag film for diapers can be reduced to 50 micro; M instead of 70 micro; The thickness of M is produced. What is missing is the execution system

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