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According to Ta Kung Pao on the 26th, China plans to significantly reduce the number of newspapers to be distributed in the next six months, and the vast majority of newspapers that continue to be distributed will be responsible for their own profits and losses. A newly released opinion of the state publication administration stipulates that in principle, all departments of the central and state organs do not run official newspapers. Those with duplicate contents shall be merged, and those with a circulation of less than 30000 copies shall be revoked. The publication administration also pointed out that from January 1 next year, all the newspapers continued to run by the central and state organs will be responsible for their own profits and losses, and will not be allowed to mark the words "organ newspaper" on the newspapers, and will no longer be issued for subscription by the central and state organs. Liu Bo, director of the press management department of the publication administration, said in an interview that the existing newspapers can be classified into the people's, Guangming, economic and other party newspapers or newspaper groups on a voluntary and negotiated basis. However, he did not disclose the overall number of newspapers that need to be closed or merged. The bureaus affiliated to the State Economic and Trade Commission are the ones most affected by the adjustment of newspapers and periodicals. Their newspapers should either be closed down or transferred to the party newspaper. Moreover, the remedial work must be completed before the end of June 2000. In addition, the Ministry of science and technology and the General Political Department of the people's Liberation Army were asked to separately put forward the implementation plan for newspaper adjustment. The Opinions also stipulate the operation and distribution of local newspapers and periodicals: the newspapers and periodicals run by local departments should be greatly simplified; Some cultural and life newspapers and periodicals with a large circulation and readers willing to subscribe at their own expense can be allocated to the directors of non party and government departments that meet the conditions for TORLON Pai to run newspapers and periodicals with superior reliability. LIANGHENG, deputy director of the publication administration, stressed that the core of this adjustment is to "meet the requirements of the establishment of a socialist market economic system and the transformation of government functions", separate administrative acts from publishing acts, solve the problems of subscription to newspapers and periodicals with public funds and administrative apportionment, reduce the burden on the masses and improve the quality of newspapers and periodicals. According to authoritative statistics, there are 2160 kinds of newspapers in China, with a total circulation of 26 billion each year. However, many government departments and industry newspapers rely on funds allocated by the state to run newspapers, and distribute newspapers entirely through government instructions. Another news, the state publication administration began to 4. The power source (electromechanical) of the experimental machine is also called the motor. Strict laws and regulations are used to supervise the distribution and management of publications in the domestic market. At present, Sino foreign joint ventures and Sino foreign cooperative enterprises are not allowed to engage in the general distribution and wholesale business of publications. The latest Interim Provisions on the administration of the publication market promulgated and implemented by the publication administration pointed out that the general distributor that can distribute publications nationwide must be approved by the state, and the registered capital shall not be less than 10million yuan; Wholesalers who can sell publications within a certain region must be state-owned or collectively owned enterprises and institutions, with a registered capital of not less than 500000 yuan; Units and individuals engaged in publication retailing, energy delivery and rental of measuring punches must pass professional training and obtain corresponding certificates, with a registered capital of not less than 100000 yuan. The publication administration also stipulates that Chinese foreign joint ventures and Chinese foreign cooperative publication retailers must be examined by the local provincial publication administration department and reported to the Publication Administration for approval. Units approved to engage in publication distribution business may engage in the purchase and sale of publications on the Internet, and non publication distribution units may not set up "Bookstores" or engage in other activities of purchase and sale of publications on the Internet. The restriction scope of the new regulations includes books, newspapers, periodicals, audio-visual products and electronic publications. According to this provision, illegal products such as publications that endanger national interests and sovereignty, violate national policies, and promote obscenity, superstition, and violence, as well as publications banned by the state and pirated publications are strictly prohibited. The regulations also point out that, except for the publication distribution units approved by the initial clamping force small edition bureau, no other units or individuals are allowed to operate primary and secondary school textbooks, college and technical secondary school textbooks, important party and state documents and leaders' works

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