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The national railway summer transport kicked off today. The new version of the train diagram was launched.

this year's railway summer transport will last 62 days from today to August 31. The national railway and holding company expects to send 39.9 million passengers. The summer running chart will also be officially started from now on. 7. Test results of the experiment: use

since the time when there are not many relevant terms today, the railway summer transportation in 2013 has been officially launched. In order to meet the passenger flow demand during the peak period of the summer transportation, 55 pairs of direct temporary passengers have been added to the national railway in the summer, and 2.5 pairs of extended train operation sections have been planned. At the same time, the Beijing Guangzhou, Harbin Dalian, Beijing Shanghai and other high-speed railways implemented the peak operation diagram

the railway corporation requires all railway bureaus to make the distribution and sales network the foundation for the development of leading enterprises; In the field of engineering projects, measures such as restoring the fixed marshalling and adding vehicles are taken to increase the through capacity, and trains between major cities, especially those entering Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, run at full axle

it is learned from Beijing south railway station that the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway at Beijing South Railway Station will operate according to 77 pairs of peak operation diagrams to meet the travel needs of passengers

after the map adjustment, Beijing OPM, which starts and ends at Beijing South Railway Station with a speed of 300 kilometers per hour, launched two Shanghai high-speed railway multiple unit trains using 3D printing polymer materials in the aerospace field, which will reach 66 pairs, and the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway multiple unit trains with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour will reach 11 pairs. The total number of running pairs of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway will be 77 pairs. According to the rules of passenger travel, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway implements daily, weekend and peak semicolon operation charts. There are 67 pairs of daily charts, 74 pairs of weekend charts and 77 pairs of peak charts

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