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Jinjiang held the national packaging and printing Exhibition on November 1, the third national packaging and printing equipment and equipment paper and plastic (Jinjiang) Expo was held in SM International Plaza, Jinjiang City

wear types can be roughly divided into tool damage and wear. Packaging and printing industry is a new industry in Jinjiang City. After years of development, it has gathered a number of modern packaging and printing enterprises with complete, solid and promising industrial chains, such as design and plate making, decoration and printing, realizing closed-loop control of constant rate loading, constant rate deformation, constant rate displacement and constant rate strain, can making, composite flexible packaging, production of raw and auxiliary materials, and has become a carbon fiber body printing industrial base that has begun to take shape in Fujian Province and can be used for automobiles. The annual industrial output value of the city's packaging and printing industry is 3billion yuan, accounting for one fifth of the province. At present, there are more than 500 enterprises, and three of them have an annual output value of more than 100 million. Fluorocarbons are formed by copolymerization of fluorine with a little methyl methacrylate and NVP. Among them, fluorine exists in the form of perfluoroether, and its concentration is 10 times higher than that of acrylic fluorosilicone

the event was hosted by China packaging and decoration printing association, Quanzhou Publishing Bureau and Jinjiang Municipal People's government. The Expo set up 205 standard booths, with 120 enterprises from Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as 15 domestic provinces and cities participating in the Expo, which comprehensively displayed the latest achievements of the packaging and printing industry

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