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The national quality inspection science and technology work conference was held, and the science and Technology Committee was established Yesterday (October 11), the national quality inspection science and technology work conference was held in Beijing. The conference summarized the outstanding achievements made by the quality inspection system during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", and clarified the guarantee role played by quality inspection science and technology in emergencies and major national projects. At the same time, the AQSIQ officially announced the establishment of the technical committee of the AQSIQ section, which is headed by zhishuping, director of the AQSIQ

China's economy learned from the meeting that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the quality inspection system won a total of 10 national science and technology progress awards, of which two achievements won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award, and eight achievements won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award

over the past five years, the quality inspection system has undertaken more than 12000 scientific research projects, including 11 national science and technology support projects, 5 national science and technology infrastructure platform projects, more than 1000 national projects, 605 public welfare industry scientific research projects, and more than 4400 provincial and ministerial projects. 422 projects won the "science and technology inspection Promotion Award" of the State Administration of science and technology, 130 projects won other provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, and 404 standards won the "innovation contribution award for factors above Chinese standards that affect the accuracy of metal tensile testing machines"

quality inspection technology has played an irreplaceable role in dealing with a series of unexpected events in the past, such as the major SARS epidemic, earthquake relief, Sanlu brand infant milk powder incident, a/H1N1 influenza, avian influenza, Sudan red, diethylene glycol, etc. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, relying on science and technology to strictly control the country, the detection rate of unqualified import and export commodities, the detection rate of epidemic diseases and the interception rate of pests increased significantly

in national major projects, the performance of quality inspection technology is also commendable. For the Beijing Olympic Games, quality inspection technology has carried out in-depth research on measurement and testing, food inspection, animal and plant disease inspection, information oriented standards and reference materials for doping detection; To accurately measure water flow and power generation for the Three Gorges Project; Accurate calibration of flowmeter for West to east gas transmission project shall be confirmed by the user according to the calibration results and use purpose; Carry out the final test for the Shenzhou spacecraft astronaut operating force measurement system; Carry out the quantity value transfer for the capacity standard in the thrust measuring device of the launch vehicle in the Chang'e to the moon program; Provide test data for the new generation spacesuit materials of Shenzhou VI manned spaceship; It provides key technical services for the verification and calibration of space radiation testing instruments of manned spacecraft in China

in order to promote the improvement of the scientific and technological level of quality inspection, fully implement the strategy of "promoting inspection through science and technology", and promote the scientific and democratic decision-making on major scientific and technological issues of quality inspection, the AQSIQ officially announced the establishment of the science and Technology Committee of the AQSIQ, with zhishuping, the director of the AQSIQ as the director, and sun Dawei, jizhengkun, zhangqinrong, Zhang Gang, xiangyuzhang, zhangzhonghua and pangguofang as the deputy directors

the science and Technology Commission has specially set up an academician expert advisory committee, which is composed of academicians with high popularity at home and abroad, deep professional attainments and strong relevance to quality inspection technology, including 33 experts, including fangzhiyuan, an expert in Vegetable Genetics and breeding, yuanlongping, the father of hybrid rice, and chenjunshi, a food safety expert, to provide high-end intellectual consultation

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