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With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the demand for spiritual culture is also increasing. At the same time of economic growth, environmental protection has also been put on the agenda. The home furnishing industry is also building an environment-friendly and healthy home life, in which Meijiabao wallpaper is the leader

China is now experiencing indoor environmental pollution after experiencing soot pollution brought about by the industrial revolution and photochemical pollution brought about by oil and cars in the 19th century. The sources of indoor environmental pollution mainly include human body, indoor decoration, kitchen lampblack and household appliances, among which there are thousands of pollutants. Indoor pollution has become a special disaster in modern cities

with the high development of spiritual civilization and material civilization, human beings' requirements for the quality of living environment have also changed from a simple pursuit of individuality to a living space environment with green environmental protection and healthy quality. With the advent of the decoration boom, the era of wallpaper application is no longer a buzzword! It is a necessary material for pursuing visual effects, but many users ignore wallpaper accessories when choosing wallpapers

in line with the purpose of "improving the space environment", Meijia Baobao never forgets its mission, continuously improves the environmental protection performance while ensuring the product quality to meet the market demand for green building materials, provides environmental friendly and healthy supporting supplies for wallpaper manufacturers and wallpaper consumers, and ensures the perfect effect and health guarantee of wallpaper in practical application. In order to meet the peak of decoration season, Meijia insurance company held large-scale trade fairs and product promotion activities while strengthening product development. Eight brand-new high-quality, high-performance and American imported super glue products have been favored by the majority of silk and wallpaper consumers since they came into the market. The actual market sales and market share of high-end products are far higher than that of peers. The success has made us more convinced that truly green and environmentally friendly products are good products in the hearts of businesses and consumers

in the era of environmental protection, healthy home! Meijiabao is a real expert in wallpaper accessories




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