Material selection for internal decoration of Wuha

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On March 11, the selection of materials for the internal decoration of the old terminal reconstruction project of Wuhai airport was jointly negotiated and agreed by the relevant principals of Wuhai urban investment company, Wuhai airport company and Golden Mantis decoration company

the decoration materials selected this time include heating equipment, wall and floor tiles, carpets, wallpaper, wood finishes, etc. According to the interior decoration design scheme of the old terminal reconstruction project, the shape, material and color matching of the selected materials must be beautiful and coordinated as a whole, and must be environmental protection materials that meet the national certification

it is reported that the reconstruction project of the old terminal is progressing smoothly. Up to now, 70% of the interior decoration base has been completed, and at the same time, the keel ceiling and top line pipe are being laid. The welding of aluminum plate and steel base of canopy is being carried out outdoors





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