Qianmuyuan Emei store signed successfully

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Qianmuyuan customized wardrobe Market Department and its staff rushed to this outstanding Emei city on August 11, in order to carry out on-site measurement and design for the store of general manager Zhang of Emei city

Emei is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Province. It is located at the southwest edge of Sichuan Basin, bordering on the West Sichuan Plain in the northeast and Liangshan Mountain and Xiaoliang mountain in the southwest. It is the transition zone from basin to mountain

Emei city is named after mountains. It is an ancient city with a history of more than 1400 years and profound cultural heritage. Mount Emei in the territory is a world natural and cultural heritage, a national 5A scenic spot and one of China's four famous Buddhist mountains, known as " Xianshan Buddhist country "& quot; Geological Museum " The reputation of

Qianmuyuan wardrobe Market Department arrived in this outstanding Emei city on August 11, in order to carry out field measurement and design for the store of general manager Zhang of Emei city. Mr. Zhang's Street shop is about 150 square meters. The brand he used to operate was Grammy customized furniture. After the contract expired in July, he decided to replace a customized furniture brand with both strength and reputation and perfect supporting services. Through many aspects of understanding, comparison and investigation, we finally chose Qianmuyuan custom wardrobe

at the shop site, Zhang and Qianmuyuan communicated with the designer about the decoration plan of the store, the design and placement of samples, and the later building of the store atmosphere, and the plan was determined on site. According to the location of Mr. Zhang's store and the actual situation of the store, the colleagues of the advertising planning and publicity department formulated an advertising plan for Mr. Zhang from the early decoration to the later opening, ensuring the publicity and promotion of the brand

with solid professional knowledge, "nanny" quality service and professional professionalism, president Zhang is more convinced that joining Qianmuyuan family is a right choice. The franchise agreement is signed on the spot

I believe that with the strong support of the company and the hard work of president Zhang, Qianmuyuan customized furniture Emei store will have a prosperous business and will provide high-quality products and considerate services to consumers in Emei at that time

now Qianmuyuan customized wardrobe is establishing a dealer network channel nationwide. After the improvement of supporting facilities in the early stage, the improvement and implementation of technology, the establishment of after-sales service guarantee system, and the precipitation of many years engaged in the customization industry, Qianmuyuan brand is bringing a new wealth and business opportunities, a new industry concept, and a new cooperation mode to the vast number of dealer friends




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