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Several application scenarios of mobile phone door lock, smart technology changes life

the smart door lock opens the entrance to "future life". The price of one or two thousand yuan can bring great convenience to life. With a German dog mobile phone lock, you can easily realize the following real life scenes

1. It's time to "retire" the key

since Alipay and wechat payment, Chinese people don't need to bring their wallets even if they buy a pancake fruit on the roadside. Virtual payment has brought great convenience to life, and the appearance of German dog mobile phone door lock can also solve the trouble of going out. Now, keys and wallets can be retired with honor

the door lock of German dog mobile phone has four unlocking methods: mobile phone remote, fingerprint, password and mechanical key, which is more convenient, faster and safer

2. Remote viewing of door lock opening information

another practical function of smart door lock is remote control, especially for families with old people and children. Most parents need to go to work and can't take care of their children by themselves. They can only rely on the elderly or aunts. The door lock of German dog mobile phone can enable parents to better grasp the home time of the elderly and children, so that parents can rest assured

by installing the German dog security mobile app, check all the door opening records on the app, and know the home time of family members anytime and anywhere. Once there is any abnormality, you can find it in time

3. Renting a house and housekeeping services are safe and convenient.

most users of smart door locks in the market are rental homeowners. German dog mobile phone door locks can save a lot of trouble for landlords

the door lock of German dog mobile phone can be unlocked by password or fingerprint. For example, the owner can set a password through his mobile phone and share it with the tenant. On the day of check-out, the owner will change the password, and the old password will never open the door again. Similarly, the owner can enter the fingerprint for the tenant and delete it when checking out

for the owner, there is no need to hand over the key to the customer every time, providing the key and recycling the key. Everything can be contacted by mobile phone. For ordinary rental houses, the owners can better manage their houses, and the tenants do not need to worry about safety problems and need to replace the lock

4. In case of abnormal conditions at the door, call the police in time.

for safety reasons, the door lock of German dog mobile phone is equipped with an alarm system

if the door lock is opened in an abnormal way, or the password and fingerprint of the door lock are input incorrectly, the door lock of the German dog mobile phone will take photos and upload them to the server at the first time, and "report" to the mobile phone. In this way, once there is an abnormal situation at the door, the owner can detect it in time and call the police in time. If it is the traditional key to unlock the door, the thief can enter the home without knowing it when the owner pries the door during work. With the German dog mobile phone lock, the risk of thieves breaking into the door is very high, which can better protect the safety of the home

the above real-life scenarios of smart locks can be achieved only with a German dog mobile phone lock. Is it very convenient

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