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General manager Shao, the director of Cartier doors and windows, believes that from the perspective of marketing, promotion is ultimately to serve sales. All the communication value lies in making the target consumers of enterprises produce brand traces through communication, so as to touch their consumption behavior. However, even if we see that there is a relationship between young consumers and the rejuvenation of door and window brand promotion, which promotes and caters to each other. But in the author's opinion, in the era of "Internet +", it faces young users, connects changing consumers, and its consumption outlook. It is not only necessary to focus on the interconnection and integration of business models, but also based on the user's recognition of enterprise products and services. It is also necessary for door and window enterprises to have a more rational and sober understanding and positioning while marketing and promoting play, play, and play

because, unlike other emerging industries, the products of door and window enterprises are essentially more practical than fun. In this case, it is necessary for all door and window enterprises to further activate their products and brands while strengthening the entertainment marketing offensive. On the one hand, door and window enterprises, in various diversified ways, take into account the means of participation in the maintenance of fans of various entertainment IPS, and not only expose the brand. On the other hand, they should also pay attention to the new features and convenience of the era to embody the functions of the killer mace of brand products in a symbolic way. It naturally combines with the platform value and the game plot to stay in the deep memory of young people

in the past 10 years, China's door and window enterprises have never been so "close to users" as they are today, but this is because they are close, and their shortcomings will be infinitely magnified. Facing users and embracing younger consumer groups are not at the cost of neglecting products and innovation. Products serve the brand, and the brand depends on products. The new marketing methods and even the traditional promotion of all door and window manufacturers should not waver in one theme and content, that is to promote product power, form product power, and enrich the connotation of the enterprise through products. On this basis, we should build a fan economy

from the perspective of the current competitive situation, the marketing campaign of door and window enterprises has been re shuffled into new ways of play. Door and window entrepreneurs, in addition to seeking differential breakthroughs in strategic adjustment, product innovation, concept transformation and other aspects, have also begun to make new efforts in the ways and means of marketing promotion. In this situation, diversified entertainment marketing attempts are worth encouraging, but door and window enterprises should also remain rational and restrained. Create an ecosystem of fans who participate in platform warfare, cross-border and entertainment interaction, and focus more on delivering healthy, environmental friendly, tasteful and cultural lifestyles to consumers, accurately positioning fans, enhancing interaction scenes, and arousing resonance. This may be a kind of value marketing with more temperature and texture

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