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Chenyang decorative home integrated wallboard has the characteristics of its integrated device, which makes its device mode extremely simple. The whole device only needs one type of carpentry, and even ordinary people can grasp it with a little study

integrated wallboard is a new type of wall decoration. It puts forward innovative integrated house decoration solutions to the defects of traditional home decoration pollution and cumbersome processes

decoration case of integrated wallboard of Chenyang decorator in Xi'an, Shaanxi

three functions of integrated decoration:

first, environmental protection characteristics, advantages, crushing traditional building materials

integrated wallboard pays attention to environmental protection characteristics from material selection to technical process. The materials are all natural radiation-free Microcrystalline stone powder, bamboo and wood fiber, and nano polymer film. No other chemical raw materials are added to the technical process. Ensure that the integrated wallboard fully meets the specifications of green environmental protection, and there will be no release of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases. After testing, the environmental protection type of Nobel integrated wallboard has reached the EU specification, far exceeding the requirements of domestic specifications

II. Commodity function

Chenyang decorative home integrated wallboard overcomes the disadvantages of many traditional building materials because of its special technology and structure. It not only has the gorgeous colors and pictures of traditional wallpaper and paint, but also avoids the disadvantages of traditional goods that are not resistant to dirt and difficult to take care of. The nano polymer film on its surface makes it avoid difficult problems such as moisture regain and water hanging

the integrated wall panel guessed that polyurethane, a fireproof material, was added, which not only made the fire rating reach level B1, but also improved the heat preservation ability. In winter, the indoor temperature was 5~7 ℃ higher than that of ordinary decorated houses, and in summer, the consumption of air conditioning could also be reduced. It has reached the environmental protection role of energy conservation and low carbon. It meets the needs of the times

III. fast decoration and high cost performance

the characteristics of Chenyang decorator's integrated wallboard and its integrated device make its installation method extremely simple. The whole process device only needs one type of carpentry, and even ordinary people can grasp it with a little study. The construction period is shortened to more than 70% of the traditional decoration, and the decoration price can also be reduced by 50%. It is not only cost-effective, but also can achieve the role that traditional decoration cannot do. Its customized features can better express the imagination of consumers and express their own imagination and talents

in a word, these are the advantages of integrated wallboard. I hope it will help you understand integrated wallboard

official website of Shaanxi Xi'an Chenyang decorator integrated wallboard: http://www.xianpvc.com/news/changjianwenti406.html




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