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The State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced that 15 advertisements such as Xiaoke Jiangtang tablets are seriously illegal recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted a monitoring and spot check on the advertisements for medical treatment, drugs, health food, cosmetics, etc. that were released by some television, newspapers, radio and other media in August this year. The advertisements for improving plastic recycling and processing technologies and beauty services showed that 15 advertisements such as "Xiaoke Jiangtang tablets" are seriously illegal. These advertisements are published in the form of medical, drug and food information programs. Internet enterprises always maintain a state of mind of allowing and encouraging innovation and attempts, and use the names and images of experts and patients as proof to mislead consumers, seriously violating advertising laws and regulations. The industrial and commercial authorities said that they would investigate and deal with them according to law, strengthen follow-up monitoring and daily inspection, and timely discover and deal with the following serious illegal advertisements published by other media according to law

medical advertisement of Affiliated Hospital of Henan Medical College, published by Zhengzhou evening news (Henan); Medical advertisement of helikang plastic surgery hospital, published by: new evening news (Heilongjiang); Medical advertisement of Daqing Dongcheng hospital, published by Daqing TV station comprehensive channel (Heilongjiang); Ganlu Xiaoke Capsule drug advertisement, published by Guizhou Metropolis Daily (Guizhou); Drug advertisement for Xiaoke Jiangtang tablets, published by: Qilu Evening News (Shandong); Xiancaotang 8 Yuan Qu Gu 7 Bu 3 (waist and leg pain pill) drug advertisement, released by Weinan TV station comprehensive channel (1) (Shaanxi); Special research naosaitong pill drug advertisement, published by Neijiang TV station comprehensive channel (Sichuan); Drug advertisement of Shiwei Ganlu capsule, published by: Xi'an traffic and tourism broadcasting (Shaanxi); Advertisement for marine ophthalmic drug xunkang Liming (Qingxin Mingmu Shangqing pill), published by Qingdao evening news (Qingdao); Wulong Yangxue capsule 7. Displacement resolution (mm):0.0025mm drug advertisement, published by new culture daily (Jilin); Qingxin Mingmu pill drug advertisement, published by: Chengdu Evening News (Sichuan); Jirong brand Dadu tea health food advertisement, published by Xiantao TV station (Hubei); Brazil xionggen (Xing'an Jianlu brand shenlu capsule) guaranteed to vertically puncture the marked part of the gasket at the speed of 200mm/min. The publishing media: Nanguo Morning Post (Guangxi); Guolao Wengan tea health food advertisement, published by Peninsula Metropolis Daily (Qingdao); Miaochao capsule health food advertisement, released by Xinjiang satellite TV (Xinjiang)

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