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Advanced equipment manufacturing focuses on the double upgrade of "man and machine"

before metal cutting, it was very tiring. It not only had high work intensity, but also had problems such as low efficiency, uncontrollable error, and even industrial injury. However, after the new intelligent automation equipment is adopted, as long as the program is set on the console, it can be completed quickly, efficiently, accurately and safely. From August 2 to 9, during the team's participation in the investigation of advanced equipment manufacturing industry on the West Bank of the Pearl River, they went down to the enterprise workshop for field interviews for many times. Similar remarks were often heard in the interviews of workers in many enterprises who asked the industry to vigorously reduce pollutants in the production process of PU and PVC synthetic leather

the 30 years of reform and opening up in the Pearl River Delta is a history of the rise of manufacturing industry. Once benefited from the low price of labor, land and other production factors, the manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta region, which dared to take the lead in the world, developed rapidly by undertaking the industrial transfer of developed regions (such as Hong Kong funded and Taiwan funded enterprises) at that time. However, up to now, the Pearl River Delta, known as the world's factory, has encountered problems such as labor shortage and high prices of production factors. Therefore, intelligent equipment manufacturing represented by robots began to spring up like mushrooms, so people exclaimed: machines have replaced people

from the aspect of phenomenon, it seems to be true. Replacing the workers on the original production line with machines is the hottest topic in the workshop of the world. On the one hand, the upgrading of equipment manufacturing equipment has brought enterprises higher production efficiency and product quality. On the other hand, the demand for employing industrial workers is also decreasing in enterprises that adopt modern and automated new equipment. Therefore, some experts predict that there will be a large number of unemployment waves in the Pearl River Delta

this may be alarmist. In the author's opinion, the industrial upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta is not only the promotion of the made in China 2025 strategy, but also the result of a new industry born when the industry has developed to a certain extent: the market force of plastic filling and modification. Machine replacement is only a superficial phenomenon. Its essence is that the manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta, which is already a key link in the world industrial chain, must upgrade its manufacturing equipment in order to win in the domestic and international dual competition and seize the commanding heights of the industry. That is, machine for machine or new machine for old machine adopts modern and automatic advanced manufacturing machines to replace the traditional and technologically backward manufacturing machines, so that the manufacturing enterprises in the region can achieve higher production efficiency and better product quality

in fact, looking back on the course of reform and opening up, such concerns were familiar, but the protagonist at that time was not industrial workers but farmers. When the Pearl River Delta turned from a land rich in agriculture to a rural industrial economy where villages ignited and families smoked, there was talk of worrying about farmers' unemployment. Now, since the end of April this year, such worries have not come true. On the contrary, over the past 30 years, countless farmers in the Pearl River Delta have washed their feet and become the backbone of industrial workers. A considerable number of them have become successful private entrepreneurs with their fighting spirit

nowadays, the replacement of old machines with new machines will also bring about the upgrading of industrial workers and the further liberation of people. The new, more advanced, automated and intelligent production equipment will inevitably require the skills and literacy of the original industrial workers to match it, which also means that the manufacturing enterprises on the West Bank of the Pearl River must carry out the training and upgrading of the original industrial workers while replacing and upgrading the machines. Especially at the moment when information technology is widely used in the manufacturing industry, industrial workers' vision has been raised from the original single production link to the vision of the whole production process and link, and enterprise managers' vision has been expanded from the original single factory manufacturing and single industry to the vision of the whole industry and the whole region. In order to achieve the success of their second venture, those successful entrepreneurs who have worked hard must also start to look around the world, It is deeply embedded in the upstream, middle and downstream of the global industrial chain. In other words, along with the machine for machine and the new machine for the old machine, everyone in the world factory of the Pearl River Delta must complete self upgrading and actively participate in the global competition

in fact, it is not wrong to regard the tide of advanced manufacturing equipment as the replacement of machines, but it is biased to simply understand it as the tide of workers' unemployment. In the author's opinion, upgrading traditional industries with modern and automated equipment, and promoting statistics to replace demographic Dividends with technological dividends have become the source of power for new industrial optimization and upgrading and sustained economic growth, which is the real connotation of machine replacement

in this sense, it is an important measure to promote the traditional manufacturing industry to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading. It is also of great significance to technological progress, improve labor quality, improve enterprise production efficiency, promote industrial structure adjustment, and promote industrial transformation and development mode. It promotes the transformation and innovation of traditional enterprises in production management, human resource management, information management and other management modes, and makes the organization more lean Systematization will ultimately effectively and efficiently promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing

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