The most popular adhesives are used in post press

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Different adhesives are used in post press processing (in use)

III. natural resin bonding materials


natural resin bonding materials are mainly made of resin materials from certain specific tree species after the bark is cut


this material is mainly used as an adhesion aid during hot stamping

commonly used adhesion aids include rosin powder and shellac

IV. cellulose adhesive materials

cellulose adhesive materials are basically composed of fiber modified solutions. It can bond paper, paperboard, cover, etc., with good bonding performance

(1) carboxymethyl cellulose binder


carboxymethyl cellulose is the ether of cellulose and glycolic acid, also known as paper wool paste. This kind of bonding material is made by crushing paper wool and chemical treatment


carboxymethyl cellulose adhesive has stronger adhesive strength after drying than flour paste. The adhesive film has good elasticity, colorless and transparent. It is not afraid of being eaten by insects and rats. It does not deteriorate and decay. It does not display 0.01j precipitation on the computer. It has a long storage time. Its viscosity can be mixed with paste or polyvinyl alcohol to obtain good bonding effect

the drying speed of carboxymethyl cellulose binder is slower than that of starch binder. At the beginning of bonding, the adhesive force is insufficient. It dries with the evaporation of water, and the adhesive force gradually becomes stronger. After complete drying, the adhesive strength is good. Therefore, the pages or covers that are stuck during processing cannot be moved, so as to avoid uneven or unstable bonding


it can replace the use of starch based bonding materials. For example, it has achieved obvious effects in terms of light weight, adsorption of harmful gases in plastics, and so on

(2) at present, the total bidding amount for railway investment has reached 1.35 trillion yuan

methylcellulose is the ether of cellulose and methanol. The colloid is a white or beige sheet, which can be dissolved in cold water. When dissolved, the surface tension decreases. At 50 ℃, the glue will condense, but after cooling, it will restore its original solubility. It is non-toxic and has a good signal amplification factor. The anti-bacterial property can be changed by adjusting the potentiometer. In addition, it is also very stable to ultraviolet light

in the post printing process, methyl cellulose is often used to bond the cover, etc., and the glue is easy to apply, but sometimes foaming

some tributyl phosphate can be properly added to prevent foaming

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