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Adelson participated in the China call center and enterprise communication conference

the China call center and enterprise communication conference hosted by CTI forum was grandly held in Beijing, China from April 14 to 15. This conference will take the digital DNA of the contact center as the theme, and continue to promote the development of ICI industry around the contents of enterprise communication, call center, next generation communication architecture, etc, Timely reflect the latest trends of industrial development

addasound of Denmark will participate in this industry event, negotiate and exchange with authoritative experts and scholars, professional IT manufacturers, leaders and professionals in finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, consumer goods and other industries all over Asia and even the world, and jointly participate in the industry event

addasound brand was born in Aalborg, Denmark, which is known as the world's largest electroacoustic kingdom. Danish design and research and development have created excellent quality, technology and innovation of addasound. Its products are highly elegant and simple in northern European style, which has been approved by the prince of Denmark. Headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, taking full advantage of Denmark's leading advantages in the field of acoustics, it is committed to the design and R & D of wearable intelligent voice terminal products, and carries out technical strategic cooperation with many top high-tech enterprises and research institutions in the world to ensure that it becomes an advocate and leader of wearable intelligent voice terminals

addasound earphones make full use of Denmark's extraordinary attainments in the field of acoustics, and carry out technical strategic cooperation with many top high-tech enterprises and research institutions in the world to ensure that it becomes the initiator and leader of wearable intelligent voice terminals. Different from the traditional injection molding, the brand has the world's leading acoustic laboratory and the world's most advanced electroacoustic equipment, providing strong software and hardware support for product design, R & D and testing

aiming to move the world with sound, addasound has the most advanced electroacoustic equipment in the world, and has sought the strong support of world-renowned universities such as the Danish University of science and technology and the University of auerbarg in Denmark in product design, development and testing, and is committed to providing world-class call solutions. The target users of addasound in Denmark include different customer groups, including office, education, mobile communication, automobile, medical care and other fields. Addasound (Denmark) provides these users with the world's leading technical support, including perfect noise reduction, to make the oil flow back to the oil tank from the oil pump main cylinder through the oil return valve, so as to ensure high standard sound quality and the best user experience. At the same time, the Danish addasound integrates the perfect Nordic style design. From products to services, the Danish addasound brand goes deep into every detail. According to the needs of customers, it invests its maximum strength in technical research and development and product design, perfectly conforms to ergonomics, and remains comfortable to wear for a long time. There are afterburner devices: clamps; Powerful value display device and recording experience, excellent performance, green and durable, perfectly meeting the increasingly high requirements of customers. Real realization makes communication more attractive

Adelson earphone booth

interactive dialogue between participants and NTU electronic intelligent service robot

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