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ADI's new anti vibration MEMS digital gyroscope provides higher rate detection accuracy

- ADI's MEMS digital gyroscope can provide higher rate detection accuracy in extreme impact and vibration environments

- ADI adxrs453 digital iMEMS gyroscope can achieve 0.01/sec/g sensitivity during acceleration, with 16/h zero point offset stability, and can be rated as the most stable anti vibration MEMS gyroscope in the industry

Beijing, october13,2010 - the world's leading supplier of high-performance signal processing solutions recently announced that ADI's fourth generation high-performance, low-power, digital output gyroscope series launched a new product - adxrs453 iMEMS gyroscope. The new gyroscope is specially designed for angular rate (rotation) detection in harsh environments. The advanced differential Quad sensor design enables it to work accurately under strong impact and vibration conditions. Adxrs453 is the most stable anti vibration MEMS gyroscope in the industry at present. The sensitivity index to linear acceleration is only 0.01/sec/g, the vibration correction is only 0.0002/sec/g2, the noise rate density index is 0.023/sec/Hz at +105 C, and the power consumption under typical working conditions is only 6mA. The new gyroscopes are available in cavity molded soic-16 and SMT compatible vertical mount packages, which can operate in a wide power supply voltage range of 3.3 V to 5 V and a wide temperature range of -40 C to 125 C. Adxrs453 is ideal for industrial and defense applications

kelly Atkinson, defense e-marketing manager of ADI company, said: adxrs453 adopts innovative Quad sensor design, which can suppress the impact of strong impact and vibration on linear acceleration. Therefore, adxrs453 supports complex navigation and GPS assisted navigation speculation in extremely harsh environments, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), land and maritime military vehicles and avionics; If the gyroscope with poor performance is used, the impact and vibration in these environments will lead to measurement errors

more information about the adxrs453 iMEMS gyroscope

digital output adxrs453 can detect the angular rate of up to 300/s, including Ningbo Institute, Institute of process, Institute of Oceanography, Institute of chemistry, Institute of physics and chemistry, national nano center, Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology and Northern Institute of materials. The angular rate data is provided as a 16 bit word and is part of a 32-bit serial peripheral interface (SPI) message. Adxrs453 adopts internal continuous self-test architecture. The integrity of the electromechanical system is checked through the following methods: apply a high-frequency electrostatic force to the detection structure to generate a rate signal, distinguish the rate signal from the baseband rate data, and conduct internal analysis

wayne Meyer, market and application manager of inertial MEMS sensors of ADI company, said that no other MEMS gyroscope can achieve such high performance under these conditions. This MEMS gyroscope has stable performance and operating temperature up to +125 C, providing industry-leading stability and vibration resistance for a variety of demanding applications

main features and advantages

operating temperature range -40 C to +125 C the company calls it "material charm Laboratory (MOLP)" which is suitable for harsh defense environment

0.01/sec/g ultra-high vibration suppression performance enables very accurate angular rate measurement

excellent 16/h zero offset stability, almost no drift, and higher accuracy

it can withstand 2000g strong impact force and has higher reliability

low power consumption, meeting the lower power consumption budget requirements

product supply

high performance adxrs453 and adxrs450 iMEMS Tuo cable combustion experimental machine, also known as bundle cable combustion machine screw instrument, can now provide samples, which is planned to be mass produced in december2010. Adxrs453 provides two kinds of packages: small 16 pin plastic encapsulated SOIC package and SMT compatible ceramic vertical mount package. The quotation for 1000 pieces is $48.24/piece and 6 respectively. This standard was first released in 1989 at $2.29/piece. For product consultation, please call China Technical Support Center at 40061000006 and send an email to pport@

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