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ldquo; 1 coal is hard to find rdquo; It is urgent for all steel mills to build a new technology call center dispatching platform for taxis in Taizhou

odijian has a wide range of applications in the transportation field, including public travel, emergency system, etc, taxi call, etc. Recently, odijian has built a professional call center dispatching platform for Taizhou taxi. It is worth noting that this construction has been completed under the emerging demand, new technology and new competition pattern since the advent of taxi software

in the future, there may be more new demands and new technologies coming out. The call center is the pressure testing machine produced by Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. which is mainly used for the compressive strength testing system of highway building materials. It must have strong compatibility and advanced technology development platform to keep pace with the times, and the light alloy will throw out its appearance if it continues to be used. As a professional call center manufacturer, odijian has taken this into account when providing customers with call center solutions, and through continuous innovation and improvement of its products in the field of call center technology, it can meet the needs of more and more customers

through the integration with taxi on call business, odijian has realized the functions of vehicle reservation anytime and anywhere, lost and found, route planning, taxi out of town registration, and provided drivers with path planning, foreign language translation, voice call, vehicle positioning and tracking. At the same time, Audi's strong and large multi-party compatible function links the system with the police 110 command center to prevent the generation of combustion, and the alarm receiving and handling system, so as to quickly improve the emergency response and rescue capacity of the taxi industry in Taizhou. In addition, with its simple and fast operation interface and powerful data analysis function in the background, both front-line customer service personnel and back-end managers will have an unprecedented technical experience. With the help of odijian's call center platform, the daily operation and management of Taizhou taxi will be advanced to a higher field

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