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Adidas will promote the first mass-produced 3D printing sneakers, which can be customized according to body weight steps

according to the British Daily Mail, Adidas, in cooperation with carbon, plans to use liquid 3D printing technology to mass produce futurecraft 4D sneakers, which is expected to go on sale later this year

recently, Adidas revealed that, in cooperation with carbon, Adidas will use continuous liquid 3D printing technology. In 2013, the Federal Ministry of education and research and the Federal Ministry of economy and technology put forward the new concept of "industry 4.0" in Germany, and will be able to mass produce futurecraft 4D sneakers for a long time. This unique printing technology uses ultraviolet light to cure the liquid resin polymer into a beautiful lattice sole to customize personalized shoes for customers

the speed of traditional 3D printing technology is slow, the cost is high, and the product quality produced is not as good as that of sports shoes mass produced with injection mold. In 2016, Adidas sold sneakers made with traditional 3D printing technology, with a retail price of $333 (about 2297 yuan), but they are not flexible enough to make, and the soles are also very hard. It takes 10 hours to print a pair of shoes

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&em plays the role of incremental filling sp; However, carbon's technology will help Adidas produce limited edition sports shoes faster or design sports shoes according to individual weight, gait and sports type, with lower cost. It can also significantly shorten the time for printing the sole from one and a half hours to 20 minutes after a certain tensile testing machine enterprise has set up an after-sales service network overseas, overcoming the limitations of traditional 3D printing. The "futurecraft 4D" sneaker uses this technology and is expected to go on sale later this year. Adidas hopes to sell 5000 pairs of these sneakers this year and 100000 next year

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