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Advanced digital communication and Huawei create ESB financial cloud

China's banking industry is undergoing an unprecedented change. With the acceleration of interest rate marketization and Internet finance, it has had an unprecedented impact on the traditional banking industry. In particular, is the impact of Internet Finance on the banking industry subversive or innovative? In the face of change, Bank of China customers pay more attention to the irreplaceable role of it in supporting product innovation and service innovation. The banking industry will enter the stage of deep integration of business and it. To better carry out services through Internet, the traditional technology based on IOE technology architecture can no longer meet the sudden service requests of a large number of Internet users. Therefore, many financial customers have turned their attention to cloud computing. The biggest feature of cloud computing is that it has strong scalability and can be expanded at any time to cope with changes in Internet traffic

Beijing advanced data communication information technology Co., Ltd. has served the financial industry for decades. It is an influential ISV Si in the domestic financial industry and an important partner of Huawei in the financial industry. It has carried out in-depth cooperation in the financial industry solutions in terms of agile network and big data. In 2015, after many in-depth exchanges, the two sides reached an agreement and decided to conduct in-depth cooperation from the perspective of financial private cloud solutions. The two sides jointly build joint laboratories to carry out joint innovation, give full play to the advantages of the two sides, and cooperate with each other to meet the transformation and innovation requirements of the entire industry, and provide the financial industry with excellent solutions that can better solve customers' demands. Taking advantage of the ESB advantages of the advanced datacom product, and with the help of Huawei fusionsphere cloud platform, we will work with Huawei to create a joint financial private cloud solution, build an integrated operation and maintenance management system, and solve the pain points of financial customer business innovation

advanced datacom and Huawei set up a joint laboratory to jointly build cloud ESB services. Hybirdops products are connected with Huawei's fusionsphere basic platform to form a top-down unified automatic cloud service portal from IAAs to PAAS and then to SaaS, so as to realize cloud operations of network, storage and computing resources

in the traditional mode, resources are divided according to application. As long as the plastic height is used, the resources are separated; Application level load balancing without system level load. Manually deploy VM cluster environment - inefficient and error prone; The high cost of management and maintenance and energy consumption will not lead to fierce competition

after the cloud mode is deployed, it supports multi protocol conversion and platform isolation; Support application pre installation and improve application deployment efficiency. Provide system level load balancing; Co construction, sharing and overall planning - reduce the cost of resource investment. Resources are flexible and scalable, which can support new business forms and promote new business innovation; Non man-made operation to build basic equipment without manual interference

esb starring architecture mode transformation

esb financial cloud solution, which is deeply integrated with the service bus of advanced datacom and Huawei's financial private cloud solution. For the needs of rapid market response, one click deployment, reducing construction and management costs and flexible and efficient operation of financial cloud, advanced datacom and Huawei have made joint innovation, deeply integrated with the ESB service bus of advanced datacom and Huawei's financial private cloud, and launched agile, efficient Low TCO ESB financial cloud solution

esb gold's overall situation in the current industry has been improved compared with that in the early stage. The overall architecture of the financial cloud

the joint solution adopts Huawei x86 server to take its arithmetic average server +fusionsphere cloud platform, carries ESB and protal applications through the virtual machine, simplifies the business deployment process through the service directory, and thus realizes the template based one click automated installation and deployment. When the service load is too high, the system can automatically expand and shrink flexibly without interruption of service processing. Solve rapid deployment for bank customers, one click installation, and minutes of business launch; Second level fault detection, virtual machine hot migration and business continuity; Heterogeneous management, equipment utilization and TCO reduction by 30%

during the Huawei HCC Cloud Computing Conference in 2015, advanced datacom demonstrated the joint solutions of the two sides for the first time to global customers and partners in the Convention and Exhibition Center. In November, advanced digital communication held a conference on ESB financial cloud solutions at Shangri La Hotel in Beijing. The program has received widespread attention and achieved very good response

after the joint development and market promotion of both parties in the early stage, the results of joint innovation have been introduced to the market, which has created a lot of project opportunities and market space for both parties. At present, the rural credit project of a province jointly expanded by both parties has entered the POC link, and the combination of both parties has greatly increased the success rate of the project

joint innovation is becoming a new engine for cooperation and business development in the financial industry of both sides and an example of 1+1 2 cooperation. The combination and joint innovation of the two sides will surely provide more high-value solutions for industrial users and provide new impetus for the business development of financial users

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