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Adidas has launched a multi-functional code printer in China. Recently, adidas has launched a new multi-functional code printer in the Chinese market, which can print digital codes, barcode 2, magnetic codes and holographic hot stamping

this machine is applicable to banking, taxation, transportation and hydrogen fuel cell development; On June 1, the number, bar code, magnetic code, holographic hot stamping, bronzing, labeling and scraping card were completed on various single forms, folio receipts, tickets, folding computer continuous paper, multi copy carbon free paper, PVC, passbook and other products in the security and anti-counterfeiting printing industries such as finance, posts and telecommunications, packaging, etc

according to different requirements of users, the product can be equipped with a variety of stamping heads, which can be combined freely: any bill with printing perimeter and different equal parts can be printed with one number (bar code); With less investment and low cost of consumables, the number of strip wharfs or no. wharfs can be reduced to one, and it is not limited by the size of the drum. It can use ordinary ink to print bar codes, and it can also print special-shaped codes or small spacing codes

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