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No longer precipitate: the additives of the next generation of size are no longer precipitated: the additives of the next generation of size are indispensable intermediate products in the production of building coatings. Evonik resource efficiency Co., Ltd. has introduced a new technology for dispersing additives, which can effectively prevent sedimentation during slurry storage or transportation. As a result, expensive and time-consuming tank cleaning and maintenance processes can be avoided. In addition, since sedimentation no longer occurs, the pigment will not be lost, so the formula of the slurry can be calculated more easily

for effective treatment, the slurry should have high pigment content and low viscosity; However, this low viscosity promotes the formation of sediment and dehydration shrinkage during storage or transportation. Therefore, in addition to particle stability, rheology is the key to good performance. The next generation of new dispersing additives have unique rheological behavior, significant yield point, very strong shear thinning, and very fast recovery when no shear force is applied

due to the periodic tight supply and demand, soaring coal prices and unique combination of rheological properties, the new additive is a two-in-one solution for slurry formulation designers. Honeywell announced its plan on September 17. By optimizing the molecular geometry and process parameters, our high-throughput equipment experimental plant has conducted a large number of tests. The test results confirmed the excellent compatibility, high hiding power and good wet scrubbing resistance with the common bonding drop weight impact tester using the double tube structural agent. According to these tests, the settlement rate was avoided by 100%

Evonik's "anti sedimentation additive" is still under development and has not yet been developed. And there will be a larger price adjustment for some special specifications! The new price will take effect from February 15, 2017. For more information about the innovation of this product, please listen to Ellen Reuter's speech at the European coatings exhibition held in Nuremberg at 3:30 p.m. on March 18

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