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In the process of contacting customers, the old carpenter found that customers generally have some common misunderstandings about kitchen design. Here are some solutions and suggestions for you, hoping to help you easily carry out cabinet design

after the baptism of the decoration war in recent years, ordinary customers know some basic knowledge about decoration and master some necessary common sense of cabinets, but these are not enough for choosing and designing an ideal kitchen. The old carpenter will teach you some tricks to avoid common misunderstandings and help you design cabinets easily

myth 1: the overall color is not coordinated

only pay attention to the choice of cabinet color, but not the coordination and consistency of the overall color of the kitchen. Consumers walk around the dazzling cabinet market, and finally choose their own best. After communicating with the designer, they get a drawing. They think they are finished. When they finish the decoration, they are thousands of miles away from what they originally expected. The main reason is that in the design process, the main skills are put on the overall design of the living room, etc., but the overall collocation and design of the kitchen are ignored, and the walls, floors and roofs of the kitchen are just chosen casually. As everyone knows, color matching is very important to the overall beauty of the kitchen. A perfect kitchen can never be solved by "matching white bricks arbitrarily"

solution: consider the whole at the beginning of the design, and pay attention to the matching of samples and background

Myth 2: believe that brands ignore details

when choosing a regular brand, we should examine quality through details. There are many brands in the market, so we should pay attention to choosing regular brands. However, as a regular brand, it does not mean that we should be close to some big brands, and it is easy to "who we cooperate with, and whose materials we are consistent with". Although manufacturers say so, consumers can't examine its authenticity. In addition, customers generally only look at the surface, and don't pay attention to details such as pendant, back plate edge banding, front connecting plate reinforcement, etc., while the quality of cabinets Life is often determined by these details

the solution: shop around and compare details

suggestion 1: the color of closed kitchen can be bold

when the kitchen is a closed space, the color can be bold and avant-garde. As an independent space, the color of the general closed kitchen has little to do with the color of the living room and dining room. You can consciously draw a certain distance from other spaces in style. There is no need for a style to go to the end. It is necessary to use color, materials boldly and Avantgarde

suggestion 2: the sample cabinet should be seated according to the number

although the sample cabinet is beautiful, it needs to consider whether it is suitable for your kitchen. How to take the samples I saw home, on the premise of meeting the needs, it is not a simple thing to minimize the damage to the style of the samples, so it is necessary to analyze which one is my favorite and suitable for my family. For example, U-shaped cabinets are not suitable for the design of horizontal lines and large cabinet doors with relatively smooth lines. It is not recommended to use some cabinet products with wide frames in small kitchens. Chinese kitchens are generally not suitable for cabinets with too high countertops or too complex knife shapes on the surface of door panels, which are difficult to clean

other considerations: operating lights, pendants, knife and fork plates, refrigerators, water treatment equipment and other details should also be fully considered, and will not be repeated here

in short, the more fully and carefully considered before decoration, the more satisfied and comfortable you can have a kitchen after moving in! Special tips: there are some newlyweds who have little cooking experience and can't consider the needs of a comprehensive kitchen. In addition to listening to the opinions of the designer, they can also ask their parents or friends with cooking experience to give more ideas, which is expected to help you solve many problems





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