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I come from Northeast China - Liaoning - a small corner! In our small place, there is no IKEA, B & Q, red star Macalline, or even a building materials supermarket. But here, like big cities, we are eager to live and like to manage our nest with our hearts

decoration is really a painful experience. We didn't hire designers. We originally hired a good team with the saved money, but finally we dismissed them for various reasons. I really want to thank those netizens who gave me advice online. With your selfless help, I can “ Embezzlement ” Your essence. Thanks to your help, my home has become what it is now. No matter what others say, we are already very happy

first take a look at the original house type map of my home. It's a very simple pattern. The decoration of our home is basically in line with the trend

there are many bears at home. This pair of bears are on the shoe cabinet

Bofei home decoration




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