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Focusing on the smart community in the future, Nanjing Wulian Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. (Wulian) built the smart community of Aowen international city by introducing the smart home system, leading the construction of Weifang smart home demonstration community

with the rapid development of Internet of things and artificial intelligence technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more families begin to apply smart home. Focusing on the smart community in the future, Nanjing Wulian Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. (Wulian) built the smart community of Aowen international city by introducing the smart home system, leading the construction of Weifang smart home demonstration community

the smart community of Aowen international city aims to build a community family whole house intelligent management project. Through the practical application of Wulian wireless smart home system, it comprehensively highlights the scientific and intelligent attributes of Aowen international city housing and improves the quality of residential life

Aowen international city is located at the intersection of Dongfeng West Street and Qingping road in Weifang City. It was built by Weifang Aowen Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. with a total construction area of 390000 square meters, covering an area of 93149 square meters, and can accommodate about 3500 residential units. The community is composed of residential, apartment, commercial and other product forms, with greening up to 35%. The surrounding humanistic environment is beautiful, shopping, medical treatment and other convenient, and life supporting facilities are available. In terms of architectural style, the project is characterized by Spanish style high-rise buildings

after the implantation of Wulian wireless smart home, the project has become a high-quality livable residence. Each household deploys a smart home control system with smart gateway as the core and smart lock and infrared intrusion as the main equipment, which allows users to manage and control their home life anytime and anywhere through the smart home system application platform. Now, the initial IOT of the residential area has been basically completed, Realize the four in one of "safety, efficiency, green and energy saving" in the family

wulian is a smart home pan ecosystem provider, which comprehensively uses intelligent hardware equipment and software application platform to provide customers with satisfactory intelligent products and solutions, realize the intelligent upgrading of space, and create a safe, healthy, comfortable, efficient and energy-saving living environment. It has become one of the main promoters of China's smart home industry

at present, Wulian smart home system and related devices have been successfully applied to smart home or smart city projects in more than 50 countries around the world, and will play an increasingly important role in promoting global intelligence. Together with Huawei and Belarusian Telecom, the world's leading communication equipment manufacturers, Wulian has built the Belarus million smart home project, which has realized the large-scale application of smart home system in international projects for the first time, and has become a benchmark and model for the large-scale overseas implementation of domestic smart home

on the coming September 17, as the preferred brand of China's top 100 real estate smart projects, Wulian will hold a presentation on the sustainable profit model of smart home and an investment promotion conference. At this conference, we invite celebrities from the Internet of things, the Internet, smart home and other fields, partners in real estate, decoration and other fields, media such as Xinhuanet, people's daily, Phoenix, Sina, Tencent, and local channel cooperation representatives to talk about the future of smart home, share the smart home real estate, whole house (Villa), retail channel model, and tell the story behind more successful cases

family is the basic unit of the city and the cell of the city. The intelligent community of Aowen international city applies the Wulian wireless smart home system to every household, which is an important step in the construction of smart community and lays a certain foundation for the construction of smart city. At the same time, the Wulian smart home system with smart gateway as the core is designed based on ZigBee Wireless Technology and matched with the corresponding software application, which facilitates the seamless expansion of household equipment in the later stage and meets the needs of households for intelligent life

it is understood that the smart community of Aowen international city, which introduced the Wulian smart home system, has been warmly pursued by a large number of consumers once it was launched into the market. Relying on the strong attraction of smart home, it triggered the attention and recognition of local property buyers in a short time. The first batch of houses were almost sold out, creating and refreshing the first hot selling performance of the property market





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